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Stanford Environmental and Energy Policy Analysis Center is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy and the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

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Work with Us

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Whether you are an undergraduate student or an experienced faculty member, we hope you’ll apply to work with us!

Opportunities for Undergrads and Pre-docs

Summer Research Assistant Programs in Economics

This program offers Stanford undergraduates a chance to work directly with faculty on their ongoing research, receiving substantive supervision and training by the professor, in line with the goal of enriching the student learning experience and preparing students to do their own research. Learn more about the Summer Research Assistant Programs in Economics.

SIEPR Pre-doctoral Fellowship

Are you finishing your undergraduate or master’s degree and interested in a PhD in economics (or a closely related field), with a focus on energy and environment? If so, join SEEPAC for our two-year pre-doctoral fellowships at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. “Pre-docs” are now a standard stepping stone before applying to economics PhDs. 

Visit the SIEPR website for more information. When you apply, list your interest in the SEEPAC pre-doc.

Post-doctoral Fellowship Positions

SIEPR Post-doctoral Fellowship 

The SIEPR Postdoctoral Fellows program offers one- to two-year fellowships to outstanding graduating PhDs. There are SIEPR post-doc slots specifically for scholars focusing on environmental and/or energy economics. 

Visit the SIEPR website for more information. On your application via Job Openings for Economists, list your interests in energy and environment.

SEEPAC Post-doctoral Fellowship

The Stanford Environmental and Energy Policy Analysis Center (SEEPAC) is seeking Post-Doctoral Fellows to join Stanford’s vibrant and growing research community at the intersection of economics and sustainability.

Fellows will work closely on joint projects with incoming SEEPAC co-director Hunt Allcott and will also have time for their own research. 

Apply via Job Openings for Economists.

Stanford Energy Post-doctoral Fellowship

The goal of the Stanford Energy Postdoctoral Fellowship is to bring together the brightest minds in energy from around the world to develop knowledge necessary to realize a vision of an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy system. Fellows will work with at least two faculty members from different academic departments and interact with other fellows across the energy research spectrum: from science and engineering to policy and economics. As a result, fellows early in their careers can develop a more holistic view of the energy transition and sustainability, broaden their base of knowledge, or pursue a new area of expertise. 

The application deadline is typically in early October.

Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability Dean’s Post-doctoral Fellowship

This fellowship will support outstanding scholars in the fields of Earth, oceans, energy, and civil and & environmental engineering, as well as other emerging fields under the umbrella of sustainability, including research fields that intersect with societal issues, whose research and mentorship of undergraduate and graduate students will contribute to diversity, equity, inclusion, and scientific excellence within the Doerr school.

Visit the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability website for more information.